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STAR64 WSTR-TV Cincinnati is THE station for a wide variety of quality programming that reaches any target market. If you own a business, call us today and we'll set up an appointment for you to visit the station or we'll come out and meet with you at your business.

We have an experienced group of media professionals to help you explore the many marketing opportunities available with STAR64 WSTR-TV Cincinnati, including TV production utilizing the latest in digital technology, internet and event marketing. Visit our Promotions section for more information on this.

If you would like to advertise with STAR64 WSTR-TV Cincinnati and do not already have an account executive, please contact us our General Sales Manager:

Stefan Schellhas - General Sales Manager
Phone: (513) 841-4626

1906 Highland Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Tonight's Programming

5:00pm Maury

6 & 6:30pm Family Feud

7 & 7:30pm The Big Bang Theory

8 & 9:00pm Bones

10:00pm Local 12 News at 10 on Star64

10:30pm Seinfeld

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